Sziget Flexotents

Flexotents at Sziget 2018
We can offer you Flexotents at Sziget! We offer you comfortable tents AT the campsite of Sziget! We offer tents with comfortable beds and separate sanitary for Flexotents users.

Flexotents offers:
Incl. 2  beds
• Bed linen and 1 towel per bed
• Electricity connection (you can charge your phone!)
• Storage space for clothes
• Combined hot water showers and toilets

Price and booking:
• Wednesday August 8 , 10 am – Wednesday August 15, 11am.
• € 585,- for 10 nights (max. 2 pers.)
• + € 50,- deposit per tent
• The price shown for the Flexotent does not include entrance to the Festival!
• The tickets are not refundable

• Early moving-in possibility with Moving-In 3-Day Pass or Moving-in Tuesday ticket

It is only possible to book a tent for the entire festival for 2 persons. Day to check-in and check-out are of course your own choice. Access to the Sziget Village is not transferable.