Dreamville campsite places Flexotels

Dreamville campsite
Dreamville campsite places Flexotel

For several years now Flexotel places her units on Dreamville campsite, this campsite is part of one of the largest international festivals in the world: Tomorrowland. On the festival terrain and also on Dreamville campsite, experience is the main point. There is a special VIP area where visitors can enjoy luxuries and comfortable accommodations like the Flexotels. Dreamville campsite is an unique experience which you have to experience at least once in your life. It's at walking distance from the festival terrain so there is no need to think about another way to get the visitors from the campsite to the festival terrain.

Dreamville campsite VIP
A real VIP space and experience will be created on Dreamville campsite. Other visitors don't have access to this part of the terrain. There is even a different reception, food court, sauna, bubble bath and lounge. A unit from Flexotels provides room for two persons. These rooms have light and electricity and come with bed linen and towels. Besides that every room can be locked with a key, and this is experienced as very positive.  

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