Festival campsite, not complete without Flexotels

Festival campsite
Festival campsite, not complete without Flexotels

If you want to give your guests that bit extra, you can't miss Flexotels. The festival competition is already killing and still growing, because of this it's important to give your guests that extra comfort. Not all guests want to stay at a regular campsite with a small tent, so they go to an accommodation further away, this is bad for the income of the event. With Flexotels on your festival campsite, you stop this and make sure the guests stay at the festival terrain.

Festival campsite VIP
For festival organisations it's important to make sure your guests feel special. One way to do this, is creating a VIP festival campsite. Flexotels offers comfortable hotel rooms for all kind of events. Bigger events like Tomorrowland and Rock Werchter and smaller ones like Ground Zero are already using the Flexotels and offering them as a VIP experience. To create a VIP experience, you can use a seperate lounge, breakfast service, sauna and bubble bath.

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