Flexotel provides overnight accommodations through western-Europe

Overnight accommodation events
Flexotel provides overnight accommodations through western-Europe

Flexotels offers overnight accommodation events through western-Euopre. These overnight accommodation events, also known as Flexotels, are mainly used on festivals and sport events which lasts longer than a day. Because of overnight accommodation events, it's possible for visitors to stay on the festival terrain longer. Besides that the organisation doesn't have to worry about the transfer of its employees to another hotel accommodations.

Comfortable overnight accommodation events
The overnight accommodation events, collapsible Flexotels, are set up in short time period and have a comfortable and efficient decoration. A Flexotel room provides room for two persons. Electricity and light is included and every room comes with bed linen and towels. After the event, the Flexotels are fold up and transported very easily.

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