Would you also like price renting containers

Price renting containers
Would you also like price renting containers?

Flexotels places her units on events through entire Western-Europe and gladly gives price renting containers. The price renting containers are strongly depended on the location/distance and date of the event. Price renting containers are usually lower in the low-season instead of the high-season. For the exact price of the Flexotels you can call or request for quotation. We like to help you.

Price renting containers for a complete decorated room
When u request the price renting containers, u receive and quotation for a complete decorated hotel room, included bed linen, towel, two closets, a mirror, table, chairs and electricity. Besides that, the price of transport and the building costs are included in the price. After the event the Flexotels are easily fold up and restored again.

For more information request here for quotation.