Temporary stay during events through Western-Europe

Temporary stay
Temporary stay during events through Western-Europe

Flexotels offers a temporary stay at events trough Western-Europe. This temporary stay, also known as Flexotels, are mostly used a festivals and sport events. Because of a temporary stay on a festival  or sport event terrain, it's easier for visitors to stay on the event terrain for a longer period. Besides that, it's not necessary for the organisation to worry about the transfer of his employees.

Comfortable temporary stay
The temporary stay is put down very fast an easily and they have a comfortable en efficient designed. The Flexotel provides room for a max of two persons. Inside of the Flexotel, there is light and electricity and every room comes with bed linen and towels. Besides that, every room can be locked with an including key, the user of the temporary stay experiences this as positive. After the festival or event, the temporary stay is easily fold up and transported.

For more information, check out the pictures of the temporary stay Flexotels.